Wildlife UK Forum – Photography Competition

I’ve just discovered the Wildlife UK Forum, which has just launched a monthly photography competition. The entries included so far are impressive – plus the posters seem to be including their camera settings with each photograph. This is A Good Thing because I am currently at the ‘take photo, look irritated, adjust settings, take photo, sigh, adjust settings, take photo, repeat-until-camera-battery-runs-out’ stage of digital photography training. This goes some way towards explaining why there are many photos of inanimate objects like potatoes, biscuits and cakes on the blog, and fewer snaps of er… animate ones like a red kite feeding on the wing, for example.  Wow.

I need to learn how to guess the correct settings in advance, or I have no hope of photographing anything more exciting than car keys, rocks or gravel. Motivation presents itself in the form of the March category for the aforementioned photography competition, which is:

March – Waterfowl (e.g ducks, swan geese etc)

Which sounds right up my street. This is clearly a fantastic excuse to spend another lovely afternoon at the London Wetland Centre with Zoomy. (Zoomy is our camera. A Canon EOS 400D if anyone’s interested, it’s brilliant. Shame about the photographer.)