New year gardening

I ventured out into the garden today, just to see how it was getting on in the cold. Did a bit of tidying, drained the worms of another ocean of worm juice, and investigated the seeds I already have to see if any of them are plantable yet.

Well, I have some rosemary and some petunia seeds, so they got bunged into pots today. I have found a nice easy way to make seedling pots out of newspaper, so hopefully they will not collapse and my plants will grow ok in these.

First you fold up a double page spread of newspaper…

Then roll the folded sheet around a glass, allowing about half the width of the newspaper to overlap the mouth. Now right the glass and tuck the paper inside the mouth. Remove the paper pot and use the base of the glass to flatten the bottom of the pot.

Repeat until you have enough pots, put them all together in a container so that they support each other, fill with compost, and voila!

We shall see how they get on. The seeds are 2 if not 3 years old, so I’m not holding my breath.