New year gardening update

To start with an admission of failure, there’s no sign of life from the rosemary or petunia seeds as yet. Perhaps they were too old. But here we have two ‘Gardener’s Delight’ tomato seedlings, and a little onion seedling in the background.

Hurray! Most of the seeds I planted have now sprouted in their little greenhouse enclosure and are doing well. They’re very fragile little things, and need watering with a spray can so that they don’t get swamped or water-logged. I turn the tray round every so often so that with a bit of luck they will eventually grow straight. The onions still have their heads buried in the compost. I don’t blame them. It is still very cold and wet out.

Garden update

Maris Piper seed potatoes ‘chitting’ on my windowsill.  It is raining quite heavily at the moment so I’m glad all the gardening is to be done indoors anyway.  I’ve also planted some onion and gardener’s delight tomato seeds this year, fingers crossed we can crow bar them all into the garden.  They look happy enough in their little enclosure next to the booze for now anyway.