Tooting Life – Carpetright watch

Because Him Indoors and I are incredibly classy, we moved into a flat opposite a Carpetright warehouse just over a year ago. Shortly after we moved, we needed some carpet for our room, because the existing one was a rather unattractive slug grey, 5mm thick and covered in questionable stains.

I remember feeling happy that Carpetright were doing a 70% off sale at the time. However, since then I have noticed a suspicious similarity between the posters that get stuck up in the window each week.

Tuesday is ‘new poster day’ at Carpetright, which must be very exciting for them. Here we have three sales posters from different weeks, advertising ‘CARPET MADNESS!’, ‘MEGA CARPET DEALS’ and right now, most exciting of all, they are holding a ‘SPECTACULAR’.

In fact, I haven’t yet seen the window unadorned by an offer of ‘LINOLEUM INSANITY!’, ‘LAMINATE LUNACY’, ‘PRICE AVALANCHE!’ or some such nonsense, and the offer never changes.

I’ve got a good mind to write to Panorama. Or get a life. One of the two.