City bumpkin podcast 5 – Seb Mayfield

Seb tending some young seedlings (Thanks to Lucy Wallace for the photo)
Seb tending some young seedlings (with thanks to Lucy Wallace for the photo)

Here is the latest installment of the City Bumpkin podcast.  This month, I spoke to Seb Mayfield, of Food Up Front.

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Project Dirt and the Tooting Harvest Foodival

Summer may be over (I think I blinked and missed it), but grow-your-own continues to flourish in London. 

This afternoon I’m off to speak to Seb from Food Up Front for another City Bumpkin podcast.  Food Up Front is a brilliant project, encouraging people to grow their own food in their front gardens, back gardens, balconies, window boxes, wherever. 

Whilst I was pottering through the Food Up Front website, I discovered an environmental social networking site called Project Dirt, which aims to

Facilitate and encourage environmental action.  How?  By helping people form their own groups to undertake their chosen environmental projects.

All of which sounds like a Good Idea to me.  What is particularly exciting about Project Dirt is that it seems to be based in South London, so lots of the environmental projects on there at the moment are nearby. 

Through it I have already discovered that there are pears which need picking on a road near mine, which I intend to take full advantage of.  Not only that, my beloved Tooting is holding the inaugural ‘Tooting Harvest Foodival’ from 2-5pm on Sunday October 5th. 

A celebration of sustainable food
Sample food grown right here in Wandsworth, including…
Sag Aloo
Tooting Crumble
Blackberry Jam
Giant Tooting Salad
And a local dish made by Rick’s Café especially for the event

Talks and workshops on urban gardening, city bee keeping, permaculture and more!

Mark your favourite food spot on Food Map, find out more about
Deen City Farm, and Chateau Tooting!
And there’s more:
Face painting, apple bobbing, cakes and a fantastic food raffle.
Learn how to grow your own veg, find out about sustainable food and try some home-grown dishes!

Can I even begin to express how excited I am about this?  Can I even begin to express how angry I am that I’m working on that afternoon?  If you live nearby, please visit and show your support.