Garden update

GauraThis pretty gaura is the only thing I can find in the garden worth photographing at the moment.

The tomatoes, raspberries and strawberry plants are all looking distinctly sorry for themselves, and the garden is generally in need of a bit of TLC.

There’s something about living in a first floor flat which makes it difficult to get into the garden sometimes.  Clearly in reality this is just laziness, but having to descend a staircase, wander through downstairs neighbour’s garden and then pause on the threshold of the garden checking for cunningly spun spider webs at eye height puts me off going down there as often as I should.  This is really rubbish of me, because I spent the first three years of my life in London wishing I had a garden of any description, so to now abandon the poor thing is really just inexcusable.

wilb on compost heapWilb, on the other hand, seems to spend more and more time in the garden.  Mostly sitting on top of the compost heap, partly I think because it has a nice bit of carpet on top of it, and partly because it is probably pumping out heat as it decomposes all my grass cuttings etc…


Self-berating aside, I also think I might adopt Gill‘s brilliant no-internet-Tuesdays rule.  Not that I spend a lot of time doing anything on the internet, but it does seem to hoover up a lot of my time, despite my not actually doing anything on it.  That would surely leave more time for gardening, and making cakes for my new cake stand.

It is the most ludicrous thing in the world, but cakes look amazing in it, and this entirely justifies the impulse buy last time I was in IKEA (of all places.)