If you write a blog about gardening, you must have a look at Blotanical at some stage.  It’s a lovely network of garden bloggers all over the world.  I joined in February, and soon had lots of welcoming messages from all kinds of people who wield the trowel in one hand and the keyboard in the other.  There’s a nice community spirit about the place – much swapping of messages, ‘faving’, and picking of posts etc…

Many visits to The Big Sofa started off at Blotanical, so it is a great way to spread the word if you are writing feverishly hard, but no one is taking any notice.  Also one of the nicest things about it is being able to see who is nearby.  Through Blotanical I discovered that Victoria and Earthwoman and Mrs Be are practically neighbours!

There are just 88 UK garden blogs listed at the moment – it would be great to see some more popping up.

Now if the lovely Stuart could just make the navigation system more intuitive, it would be perfect.  My only gripe is that you have to take some bizarre routes through the site to find what you’re looking for.  For example there is a button marked ‘search bloggers location’ which actually means ‘search for a blog by name’, which is rather confusing.  The upside is that you discover all kinds of other things en route, and hence find yourself on fascinating diversions all the time, which in itself is entertaining.