Tooting Life – Tooting Tram & Social

Tooting Tram & Social – Chandelier, originally uploaded by rachandtom.

Tooting has chandeliers?!

One of the lights in the new and highly trendy Tooting Tram & Social, an old tram shed next to Tooting Broadway tube station (taken on my phone, so apologies for the dodgy quality).

The Tram has recently been completely refurbished with the original white brick walls decorated with pairs of antlers, vintage pictures and other bizarrobelia. The various armchairs and sofas are arranged in living room type layouts in various corners, each with their own bookcases, lamps and fireplaces. It’s a bit like walking into an Edwardian MFI.

It’s a great bar though, and a very welcome addition to the Tooting nightlife, which previously offered: the dodgiest Wetherspoons in Britain, followed by Scary Baby Kebabs for afters.

Tooting now boasts a bar with something of a dance floor.  The DJ stands up on the mezzanine level while a bevy of young trendy folk cavort below.  It’s getting really rather popular, apparently entirely by word of mouth.

I’m delighted to say in conclusion that there are now enough decent bars in Tooting Broadway for a half decent pub crawl.  It could kick off at the Long Room (previously the Mitre), followed by the Tram & Social, Hoochi Mamas (with pizza for tea) and a swift half at the Garden House before heading for home. Lovely.

Tooting Life – Scary Baby Kebabs

Tooting’s premier kebab emporium, known to me and Him Indoors as ‘Scary Baby Kebabs’ or SBK for short, because of the seemingly random and certainly scary baby staring out of the shop front.

I presume it doesn’t mean the kebabs are made of babies. Weirdly on a recent trip to Ikea I saw this picture on one of their signs which could actually be a baby kebab.

Now that is scary.


I know, I shouldn’t have been looking at Wikipedia in the first place, but I have to point out the entry for Tooting under ‘Eating’:

“Tooting features many world class restaurants which cater for a variety of different tastes which in keeps with the multicultural nature of the area. Also features Chicken Cottage.”

Chicken Cottage?! Excuse me while I remove my constricted fist from my monitor. What about all the amazing curry houses? Rhada Krishna Bhavan? Lahore Karahi? Why not namecheck them? Or Kanya Thai, or David Wong’s, or Rick’s Cafe… or… or…

Perhaps it was meant as a light hearted joke. I apologise for my outburst. But Chicken Cottage! Why is it even capitalised for Christ’s sake, is it a minor deity? Graaahhh!

Ahem. If I could be bothered I would actually attempt to re-write the entry, but even I don’t have that much free time on my hands.

Putting Tooting on the map

Flickr have gone and done another clever thing which is no doubt going to waste even more of my time. Photos can now be geo-tagged to the place they were taken. I have discovered a great deal of interesting things about the neighbours I have never met through this map. Amongst my neighbours I have discovered that one likes taking pictures of masonry, one has a problem with mice, and that you can be transported to your final resting place by sidecar, if you choose. Which is pretty cool.

And if all that wasn’t weird enough, that last photo was apparently taken at Lambeth Crematorium’s ‘Open Day’. I presume this means that for one day only you can pick a grave of your choice and demand an instant exhumation so that you can have a proper look at the facilities?!