World under 2’s champion car spotter

We took the small boy round the London Wetland Centre to see the ducks yesterday.

He was very excited in the car park.

“Car! … Car!”

“You just wait,” I said, as we walked over a wooden bridge, past a statue of Sir Peter Scott, the great ornithologist and founding member of the Worldwide Fund for Nature.

“Bus!” he cried, delighted, as we passed the 283 dropping punters off from as far afield as Acton.

“That’s right,” I said, “and now we’re going to see the ducks!”

Silence round ‘Wildside’ amongst ducks, geese and a pair of discarded antlers from one of the resident red deer.

Then, “Tractor!” the small boy points excitedly at a vehicle a mile and a half away across a distant field.

Silence round the ‘World Wetlands’ where we saw coots, black-necked swans and a plaster of paris model of a crocodile.

Two cups of tea and a piece of cake later, back to the car park.  “Car! … Car!”

Next week-end I’m planning a trip to our local used car dealership.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

2 thoughts on “World under 2’s champion car spotter”

  1. You can’t beat a good tractor. Our youngest was very keen on them but, at 3, he couldn’t pronounce the word very accurately. Well, the consonants are a mouthful. The ‘tr’ bit came out, oddly, as ‘f’, the ‘ct’ as just ‘c’. The vowels were more or less OK, though. It’s not difficult to work out what he ended up saying. On a holiday in Devon, practically surrounded by ’em, he gleefully announced, at the top of his voice, that everything and everyone was a facker.

  2. we all laughed laughed laughed here! you can’t beat a small toddler for totally missing the fun you planned and finding their own – although actually mine are still at it – even the eldest…..

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