Monday afternoon update

The Boy and I have had a quiet day today as the rest of the week is looking a bit mad.  He has a new door bouncer which he loves.  This is great for me as it means I can get on with something (usually making bread or fairy cakes at the moment – if not doing washing or washing up, joy) for half an hour or so before he starts shrieking.  This is his favourite game.  I am hoping he will get bored of it before too long…before my ear drums are perforated.

He is just starting on purees at the moment.  This is quite fun so far, I’m keen to get on with it and get him onto proper food having done months and months of breast feeding every 3 hours.  I read a brilliant book on baby led weaning, and we’re going to try to do as much of that as we can.  This doesn’t amount to very much, but we will have him sitting at the table with us for meals with a load of finger food to play with.  I like the idea of babies getting an idea of what food actually looks like, rather than just knocking back mush all day.

We have a cute high chair from Phil & Ted which clips onto the table.  He’s a bit little for it at the moment, he has to be propped up with a cuddly rabbit on one side and a cuddly lamb on the other (and still he shrieks after about 10 minutes) but once he’s a bit bigger I think this will work quite well.

My lettuce seedlings continue to soldier bravely on, in the face of daily attacks by slugs, cats, and very possibly foxes.  They’re doing quite well considering I planted them horribly late in the first place.  The raspberry canes are happily fruiting away, and it’s just as well, they’re our only hope this year.  I foolishly neglected the potatoes in the hottest fortnight of the summer, and failed to plant anything else up.  Next year I will hopefully get more done earlier and we should have a few other bits.

The compost heaps and the water butt are awesome though.  I do enjoy sifting through compost.  Strange I know.

Finally, here are some rather beautiful cameras made out of cardboard

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

2 thoughts on “Monday afternoon update”

  1. When feeding The Boy, do you open and shut your own mouth as you spoon in the gloop? I did, it was quite a sight apparently, I had no idea I was doing it, people would stare & I thought they were interested in baba.

    Loving your whole sustainable, recycling approach R, if enough people follow your example it will outweigh the planet-trashing route we took too often, out of sheer bloody too-tired-to-bother-ness.

    We are growing veg now: lettuce, herbs, peppers, broccoli. Well, I say we; Julia’s head gardener, I’m just bonded peasantry. But it’s lovely.

  2. Awesome! Good work. I have found myself doing trains and aeroplanes on occasion. Never thought that would happen.

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