DIY Baby

There are a legion of things to spend money on for babies,  just thought I’d post a couple of things I’ve made for The Boy over the last few months which are free, easy and don’t even require a trip to the shops.

Firstly, a baby bouncer with interchangeable pictures.  Babies love black and white images, so I used to draw pictures of things for him to look at.

Lately I read that he’s learning to see primary colours, so the current pictures are in blue, green and red.  Well, the green one has been kicked off, but the other two have just about made it (apologies for the dodgy artwork, never could draw.)

The baby bouncer itself was a Freecycle grab.  Not having to give £30 to a warehouse baby store always makes me happy.  The clips were borrowed from a clothes airer.

Next up are some rattles made from baby bottles, rice and pasta.  I haven’t tried anything else in them yet, but I guess you could put all kinds of things in there, to make different noises.

The Boy is still a little bit small for them.  He is just starting to grab things, but is at a fairly early stage. Give it another few weeks and he’ll be able to shake them himself.  At the moment he likes listening to them and watching the stuff inside fly around.

The sustainability freak in me likes these things.  They haven’t had to be manufactured so that I can buy them, and they can be dismantled again and used for other things when he’s too old for them.  The baby bouncer will probably go back to Freecycle eventually.


Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

One thought on “DIY Baby”

  1. Yo bumpkin. This post makes me feel v pleased and proud with your mentality and approach. Nice one and well done, keep it up…..

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