Monday afternoon update and links

So the Big Lunch went very well.  Lots of our lovely neighbours came round, drank elderflower cordial and ate cake.  There was much discussion about how some of them had lived in their houses for 20 years and only knew their most immediate neighbours, and wasn’t it nice to meet everyone else at last.  Generally a great time was had by all.

Next year we are already planning a proper street party – closing the road and everything, which should be very exciting and Jubilee-like.  Who knows whether it will actually happen, we shall see.

This week, I have been reading about Puma’s new – more sustainable shoe box, and minimalism.

Hope you all had good week-ends.


I’ve just noticed Citybumpkin is one of Interflora’s top 50 flower and garden blogs!

Should really write a garden update soon then…

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