Transition Town Tooting’s great unleashing!

Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the transition network 'unleashing' Tooting with Lucy Neal, co-founder of Transition Town Tooting

Last night, Transition Town Tooting was unleashed.  The unleashing point for a transition town can be several months or years after transition activities start, but it marks a point at which the town feels it has gathered sufficient momentum to celebrate.  The town hammers a metaphorical post into the ground which says: here we are, this is what we have achieved so far, what shall we do next?

The unleashing date is then used in other activities as a point to measure from.  For example, when people get together to envision their town in 30 years time, they often then work backwards to the unleashing date, so that the intermediate steps which need to be taken become clearer.

It was an evening full of inspiration, potential and promise.  Rob spoke about the challenges of peak oil and climate change and the various groups involved in Transition Town Tooting took to the stage to let us know what they were up to, and what progress they hoped to make in the future.

There are now several groups within TTT which will all be making plans for the town over the next few months.  There is a group looking at housing, training local people to make their homes more energy efficient.  There is an economy group, which will consider creating the Tooting pound, and look at opportunities for community held assets or microfinance within Tooting.

There are youth and education groups, hoping to engage young people with transition activities and get more schools to look at how they can be more sustainable.  There is a transport group which will be promoting cycling and walking locally.  There is a food group, which will be hosting the third Tooting Foodival in September, encouraging local people to grow and cook their own food at home.

The great thing about the transition movement is that it can encompass whatever people are passionate about.  I’ll be fascinated to see how the groups progress over the next few months.  For more information on transition and transition towns, have a look at Rob Hopkin’s great blog

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, based in London, UK