Wilbhog in the snow

The obligatory ‘ooh it’s snowing!’ picture.  This is our Wilbhog.  We picked him up in South Africa and smuggled him home in our hand luggage on the plane, we were a bit worried they might confiscate him due to the extremely sharp tusks he has on him.  Luckily he sneaked through though, and now guards the garden from the fox cubs, Wilb and scavenging birds, in that order.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, based in London, UK

4 thoughts on “Wilbhog in the snow”

  1. Nothing like getting halted and grounded at the airport with that secret weapon. LOL! Grounded because of Swine flu maybe?? Oh, well.

    He is a cute little thing. Glad it made it.

  2. how the hell did you manage to smuggle that home on the plane! i guffawed at that! haven’t even read the rest of the post just stopped at that!

    will go back and read the rest now

  3. we can’t give away all of our secrets, but the easiest way to hide anything is out in the open

    best bit was the airport x-ray man calling over the security guard… because he thought it was a funny picture!

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