Well, that was it.  The last New Year’s Eve party where you could wear a pair of comedy glasses with the two ‘0’s in 2009 for eyes.  Won’t be able to do that again until… the year 3000?  2100 is possible I guess but you’d look a bit lop-sided.


Happy New Year!

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, based in London, UK

5 thoughts on “2009”

  1. That is an appallingly depressing thought: I never wore such a pair of comedy glasses.
    Another opportunity missed. Dash it all.
    Happy New Year to all Bumpkins.

  2. It’s a hard life!

    Happy 2009!


    P.S. I wish I hadn’t read this. Now I’m going through the years ahead wondering which glasses would be suitable for different dates. I can truly say such thoughts have never crossed my mind before – ever.

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