City bumpkin podcast 6 – Theo Pike

Theo Pike, Chairman of the
Theo Pike, Chairman of the Wandle trust
Junk removed from the Wandle river

This month I spoke to Theo Pike, Chairman of the Wandle trust.

I met up with Theo during one of the trust’s monthly Wandle cleansing sessions.  Over fifty local volunteers were working hard to haul all sorts of rubbish including shopping trolleys and scooters out of the river.  Here’s a selection of some of the junk they removed.

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Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, based in London, UK

4 thoughts on “City bumpkin podcast 6 – Theo Pike”

  1. Thanks for another interesting, and informative, entry and podcast.
    I despair at the junk and rubbish that is dumped like this nowadays. It’s a sad reflection on our society. xx

  2. My family used to join the Wandle River clean up at Colliers Wood/Wimbledon when we lived there a few years ago, so it was interesting to hear Theo’s account of the heavy rubbish still being tipped in. The big nuisance in our area was takeaway rubbish, especially the polystyrene cartons washed down from Croydon!

    Despite ten years’ residence locally, I didn’t know any of the history Theo related and hadn’t thought about the Wandle being a chalk stream. Thank you for a very interesting podcast.

  3. Hi Rach,

    It seems a bit strange putting this on a November post, but I wanted you wish you a Happy Christmas! I hope things are well with you and yours. Skimble and Jess send a special meow to Wilb.

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