City bumpkin podcast 4 – Project Dirt

Nick and Mark of Project Dirt
Nick and Mark of Project Dirt

In previous City Bumpkin podcasts, I’ve spoken to container gardener Penelope Bennett, guerrilla gardener Richard Reynolds, and the project manager of Deen City Farm, Ben Cheetham.  Each podcast features an interview with someone pioneering a green initiative in London.  It will be considerably easier for me to find such people from now on, as Nick and Mark’s Project Dirt provides a hub for such activities, bringing environmental projects and people together.

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The City Bumpkin podcast map!


Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

3 thoughts on “City bumpkin podcast 4 – Project Dirt”

  1. Such a good idea : ) Dragon’s Den would have loved it – not that they need dragon’s den seems like they’re doing very well on their own!

    Good podcast Rach, excellent interviewing skills : ) xxx

  2. I think Mark and I should try for a more ‘interesting’ colour for the Project Dirt uniform?!

    Be good to have people’s thoughts on the site, if you’ve got the inclination!

    Love letters and hate mail… we’re open for business!

    ( ;

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