Ooh, shiny

Well, I am rather overwhelmed.  The lovely Earthwoman has awarded the Big Sofa two awards (at least I think she has, it might only be one)  which I am going to proudly display in my sidebar.  Which is the blogging equivalent of a trophy cabinet, or a mantelpiece I suppose.

I was feeling a little inferior.  Wilb picked up a Fork’n Monkey award a while ago, and has been lauding it all over the house ever since.

Visitors has tried to assure me that she’s just asleep on the fugly sofa as usual, and there’s nothing to be worried about, but I have noticed an air of distain about her recently.  Now I think we’re level pegging.

The first is the Art Y Pico award, which originates from the Art Y Pico blog and celebrates creativity, design, and interesting material, regardless of language.

And the second is the ‘E for Excellent’ award, which I think originates from The Mommy Project.

Now the fun bit is I get to hand them on to other worthy bloggers.  The difficult bit is finding people who haven’t already got them.  I’m sure these guys must have had them already, but here we go anyway, in no particular order:

Kitchen witch for making me laugh, and great site design

Shirl’s garden watch for her lovely nest boxes and garden photos

The accidental smallholder for fabulous videos and pictures of their livestock

The green fingered photographer for his wonderful signal box, and of course his lovely photography

and If only for her great craft work and for getting much further than me in her quest for the Good Life!

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