London to Brighton

Today I cycled 65 miles to Brighton by bike.

<This was the beginning.
This was the end>

In between was a lovely sunny day, an insane tea and cake stop at ‘Fanny’s farm shop’ (see picture on right), some serious pain, and a huge feeling of achievement at the end.

I learnt not to carry half a stone of fairly useless items ‘just in case’; that ‘Bitching Deacon’ is the most horrendously unpleasant hill in the history of humanity; and not to drop through 8 gears at once on the most horrendously unpleasant hill in the history of humanity.

Many thanks to whoever put this sign at the top of the beacon, it made me very happy.

And many thanks to Adrian for arranging it all, and encouraging us along the way.  And knowing the way, for that matter.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

13 thoughts on “London to Brighton”

  1. Well done! A glass of London Pride is a fine way to end.
    At least you had a good day for it weather-wise, just imagine if it had been like last Wednesday! xx

  2. You’re absolutely right Flighty, we had a lovely day for it, otherwise I wouldn’t have got there at all!

  3. Well at the moment about 30 miles a week commuting. to work. But I’m a very fair weather cyclist, if there’s a spot of rain I’m diving for the underground :(

  4. That’s funny, I was thinking of doing the self same trip this weekend. How was it without all the road closures?
    The pint probably makes it all worth while.

  5. I can’t draw the comparison unfortunately because I haven’t done it before, so don’t know what it’s like with the road closures. But as far as other road traffic goes it wasn’t too bad. And you’re right, that pint at the end was easily the finest glass of ale I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. Superb.

  6. Well done Rach! My legs have just gone very tired thinking about what you’ve achieved.

    I enjoyed your tag response too – nice to get to know you a bit better.

  7. I thought that 3rd picture was you after the cycle!!! Just found your blog and really enjoying it – will visit again.

  8. You are completely insane – but then I am also VERY proud of you – well bloody done!! xxxx

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