Digging for victory!

I’ve just added this sticker to my sidebar having spotted it on Barbara’s blog (have a look at her beautiful pictures of veggies and chickens by the way) as it made me smile. I like the idea of digging for victory in this relatively peaceful time.

What will the gardeners up and down the country have triumphed against exactly when we stagger into the kitchen with a bucket of homegrown spuds? I have no idea, but it’s a lovely thought that I am growing my own with ‘victory’ in mind.

It is so exciting seeing vegetables growing in the garden. As you know, I was deeply moved when the first seedlings appeared in tiny pots back in February, so I’m sure you can imagine the scene in my garden yesterday when I spotted this.

A small but perfectly formed courgette! My cup overfloweth. I was casting around the garden for somebody to point this out to, but Him Indoors is ensconced in a stag do in Southampton at the moment, the neighbours seem blissfully disinterested, and Wilb just looked at me pityingly. So I turn to you, dear reader, to share this intimate moment with me.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

7 thoughts on “Digging for victory!”

  1. This, for me, is a badly timed post.

    The day before yesterday, I planted what was to be a giant pumpkin in a big pot in the garden.

    On its first night, I fought off the predators.

    Last night – the slugs had it. It is completely and utterly gone. It is not there. It no longer exists. It is worse than John Cleese’ parrot – at least he had a corpse to bang on the counter.

    And you have a courgette!


  2. Thats SOOOOOOOOOOOO exciting! You’ve done so well with your seedlings and now look at that. Get some slug pellets they may not be green but they work!!

    must send a photo of mine which are not nearly so impressive but are growing and have flowers coming.

    Love mx

  3. victory against the bloody rabbits and blackbirds if i get any carrots at all…. is that the kind of vistory you might mean?

  4. Fantastic courgette, I hope I get one soon.
    I felt the same way when I spotted baby frogs in my pond, I rang my parents but they were out and then I looked around for neighbouring plot holders to share the joy with, all to no avail though.

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