Due to the garden being really rather full now with all sorts of burgeoning fruit and veg, I am now embarking on growing a few herbs and lettuces etc in little pots.  This sweet basil is finally emerging, and is doing well so far.  Does anyone have any tips for growing coriander?  It is my favourite herb in the world and although I haven’t even planted any yet, I’m worried it won’t grow terribly well.  I grew some a few years ago and it just gets terribly leggy and sparse, any advice would be appreciated before I even start!

Author: Rachel Wheeley

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  1. Having just posted you a really looooong reply i forgot to put my email details and name so it ditched it!

    Will try again

    I have recently bought two corriander coz like you I love it. They were in bio degradable pots and it said to plant in the pot so i did.

    they looked a bit pale and wan so i thought I know I’ll take them out of the pots so they have more room.

    I did that and THEN I read an article saying how tricky corriander is to gro here. the climate isn’t good. it said they will always be a bit pale (yes) and that they MUST be planted in a pot! (first error then0

    They also have a habit of bolting (going to seed very quickly) thats a very bad thing. So the answer seems to be grow in a pot and bury the pot outside. grow in a pot and keep inside and snip regularly to try and prevent it going to seed and cut off seed producing stems immediately.

    Sounds altogether cheaper to and simplar to buy it!!

    But like you i am determined to be able to walk out of the back door and harvest my own!

    Good luck

    M x x x

  2. I grew coriander in my raised beds in Manchester with no problems at all, just sowing the seed directly into the soil from mid-May. It does go to seed fairly quickly, so it’s best to sow it in succession (of course, the seeds are useful too!). Here in Canada I sowed it into pots: germination was fine and I’ve now transplanted the seedlings into the garden. They do look a bit spindly at the moment, but with any luck they’ll bush out when it gets a bit warmer. I’ve got plans for home-grown, home-made harissa paste this year (they don’t seem to sell it here) and will be using the seeds for that.

  3. I’m loving your garden photos!

    I wish I had some advice on the coriander. I tried to grow some last year and the bugs got to it within a week. They literally picked it clean. Now granted, I’m no professional gardener, I’m not even sure I’d call myself a beginner! ;-)

    That basil is looking excellent. I hope it contineus to do well!

  4. I’ve had okay-ish success. It’s gone a bit straggly, but it’s been kept on the windowsill in the kitchen (west-facing window) and I trim the largest leaves each time I cook with it. A few days ago I moved it into my growhouse as we’re having the entire flat gutted and I didn’t want the builders to get plaster all over the indoor plants. It seems to be enjoying the increased humidity.

  5. hi rach

    we sowed coriander in pots last year and then planted it out in the herb garden. we had stacks and enjoyed it lots but it did bolt quite soon so this year we’ll do the ‘planting in succession’ thing and then we’ll still have it all the way through.

    see you soon

    p.s. cindy is laying monster eggs – including a double yoker!

  6. Hi

    Great blog!

    I had a go at growing coriander and it did great on my windowsill, until it suddenly grew really tall and leggy then shrivelled up and died. I’ve since learnt that you need to be really vicious when cutting leaves off it, especially off the top, to stop it growing tall and leggy.


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