Garden update

The potato plants have shot up over the last few weeks, looking very healthy in the ground and in the bag. The raspberries are also doing well, although over-shadowed by the aforementioned attention seeking spuds.

The tomato plants are coming along nicely in their little greenhouse, which got really steamy in the recent hot weather.  I like their little furry purple stems.

The peas have unfortunately been munched by nasty, satanic slugs.  I have put a brave face on it by reminding myself that there wasn’t space for the peas and the tomatoes and courgettes in the first place, so in reality the evil slugs have done me a favour.

The courgettes are doing well, so they will go in place of the poor peas, and the tomatoes will go in once they’re a little bigger.


Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

6 thoughts on “Garden update”

  1. ah bless, all your pots look so neat, clean & new {with the tomatoes in them?!} Not quite the scrounged broken and dirty ones that I have. Plus I have cobbled together range of sizes and yours look all neat and uniform!

    Are you going to transplant the tomatoes to bigger pots soon?

    And my lady ‘barbara’ asked me to ask you if you have earthed up the potatoes yet?

    niggy tom g

  2. Hi rach

    coffee grounds are good as an anti slug device apparently or they could just have found your peas with the handy seed label which was large and obvious! Mistake huh!!

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