Other worlds

I just had a look at one of WordPress’s ‘fasted growing blogs’ called Great Green Hunter. I was hoping it was a cool, funky green blog like this one, this one, or this one, actually being appreciated, leaping up the charts and sending lolcats crashing out of existence, where it belongs.

It wasn’t.

I feel L33T… felt less l33t when I got ganked 3 times in a row because I was getting chatty over guild chat and not paying enough attention to the alliance around me (really gotta remember to coast with a wave of same fraction players like most do – say it with me *oh baay-bee, horde like a horde baay-beee, with meeee*.)

Also finally had a couple of huntard ‘well-DUH’ moments:

… I am MM now
… I have uber range
… and if I use that uber range the wretched fiends & wretched devourers can’t mana suck me

Well yeah, like DUH. I could have told you that if you use uber range you won’t get mana sucked.


It’s times like these (and when Hanbabes texts me in Youth, which is a bit like French, but more confusing) that I realise I am totally out of touch with a lot of stuff. I think I must be getting old.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

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5 thoughts on “Other worlds”

  1. hahahaha

    oh no – not old! – you’re just no gamer-nerd :)

    25 yr old librarian at your service *waves* (aka green hunter) I play far too much WoW … err world of warcraft online. I could explain the post but it would bore you to tears as it’s computer game drivel and all WoW slang.

    The huge rise in hits was because a big time WoW blogger linked me… scary (he gets 5000 hits a day – the sheer size of the warcraft related online fan and blog community is a terror to behold.)

    I must admit the language (oh yes and spelling) I use when blogging about the game is completly alien to anything that is inflicted on the general public, friends or work mates.

    I had this vague theory that game/net language was meant to be typed not spoken … I mean “PWNED” “ROFLMAO” …who can say that out loud? Ha – I was bucking for some fellow uni staff to write a paper on this, and then some bright spark of the WoW community released the following fan video … which has portions of spoken gamer slang that I can’t even follow.

    Check it out – be horrified: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEWgs6YQR9A

    On another note, the kitchen witch has my vote (totally l33t & roxor boxors!) but somehow I think LOLCATZ will continue to reign supreme.

  2. erm, i was going to say that it wasn’t about being out of touch because i didn’t understand it either and then realised it was because i was ‘old’ oops.

    thing is noise didn’t understand it either and she’s not old, but definitely not reached the point of being ‘in touch’ rather than out of touch!

    and actually i’m with nancy, it’s not about being out of touch, or old, it’s about not being a martian!!

  3. I’d guess World of Warcraft—but have no intention of visiting that blog to check. The only reason I know is because the Other Half is a teacher and WoW-speak is something the boys indulge in.

    As for me, I’m chuffed to find my blog described as cool and funky. That’s a lifetime first!

  4. Ah. That explains it then. In that case, I’m not sure it’s an ‘in touch’ worth aspiring to!

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