Book review: Worms Eat My Garbage

Worms Eat My Garbage

How to Set Up & Maintain a Worm Composting System

by Mary Appelhof

This book was originally published in 1982. Mary Appelhof has spent over 30 years working with worms, and has now released this revised guide for today’s ‘worm workers’.

The original, and definitive guide to vermicomposting, Appelhof tackles many aspects of working with worms, from where to keep your worm bin, to building one from scratch.

She looks in detail at different bedding materials, species of worm, types of waste to feed them, and even looks at other ‘critters’ you will find in your bin.

The methods of ‘harvesting’ compost from your worm bin are rather scary though, and involve making multiple piles of compost on a big plastic sheet. I’m not convinced I’d ever do that, but interesting to read about it.

This is a good introductory guide to setting up a worm bin. It doesn’t get massively scientific, it’s easy to read, and well illustrated. I suspect there may be a better worm composting book out there, but I haven’t found it yet.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, based in London, UK

5 thoughts on “Book review: Worms Eat My Garbage”

  1. Yes, this is a good one, Rach. You might also like to check out The Worm Book by Lauren Nancarrow and Janet Hogan Taylor (Ten Speed Press, 1998). But be forewarned: For reasons that are inconceivable to me, they include an entire chapter of earthworm recipes. (And yes, that does mean what you think–or fear–it does.)

  2. I thought the harvesting methods were scary and rather cumbersome as well. I just digg the compost right out of my worm bin with a shovel. Why does it have to be so complicated? Plastic sheets etc… Love your post!!
    Here are some pics of my bin:

  3. I am in the process of ordering a work top wormery for my little kitchen.

    I hope you’re proud

    Excitingly, I’ve also discovered that certain councils (islington and hounslow) have teamed up with a wormery supplier to offer quite enormous discounts on wormeries. Reductions such as £45 to £15 for the little work top wormery I am getting.

    Pretty cool huh, more councils should follow their examples. Like Southwark, so I can actually get the discount.

  4. Sorry to be off on a tangent, but I can’t not mention it; that typeface is brilliant! Particularly the complete impossibility of kerning it properly and therefore the weird spaces between the R and M. And it does look great with orange. Not often you find a typeface that’s so completely in love with orange.

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