My tomato seedlings are officially leggy.  Helen optimistically described them as ‘bendy’ , but let’s be honest here, they are leggy.  There’s no two ways about it.  I suspect I planted them too early, and also then left them in a very warm spot for a long time, hence they have gone and shot up without developing more than two leaves.

My little friend Boo’s tomato plants were planted more or less at the same and are positively leaps and bounds beyond these, with loads of leaves and practically bearing fruit.  Mine have some serious catching up to do!

But all is not lost.  I am going to persevere with them and cross my fingers and introduce them to my little plastic greenhouse, and with any luck they will survive.  The early potatoes have now gone out into the garden to fend for themselves in a grow bag, so these must go out too.

I also planted some little peas directly into the garden today, so hopefully they will also survive.  I hope we don’t have any more frost!

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, based in London, UK

6 thoughts on “Leggy”

  1. My sister’s tomatoes look just like that. Just repot them all the way up to the leaves. They will put out roots along the leggy part and do just fine.

  2. That is how most of my tomatoes have looked since I don’t have a decent southern facing window. This year with my homemade PC grow case I have had much better luck with the legging, but unfortunately germination has been the new challenge this year.

  3. I wondered whether I could just sink them in compost so that they’d look normal! I will give that a go. Thanks guys!

  4. They look fine to me…they’re alive :-) Moldy fuzz on seedlings is much worse, I’ll take long legs any day.

    It was nice to read the comment here about replanting them up to their leaves. Good tip!

  5. Rach our tomato plants looked like that last year and although they weren’t superstars we did get a fair amount of tomatoes from them.

    boo’s tomato plants now look like trees…. i planted our peas yesterday but after last years disappointment i planted them indoors (the mice ate about 42 of them, i planted 46..) also planted lots of oddities we got at the seed swap and seed fair.

    potatoes were supposed to be today but scuppered by the rather stormy weather…. don’t think yogi’s up to weathering the hail and the wind just yet!

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