Courgette seeds

I love courgettes – they are a truly fantastic vegetable. So this year, I am going to attempt to grow some.

The first exciting thing about growing courgettes is the seeds. None of these tiny little specks you get with tomatoes, these are proper big 1cm long seeds which instantly strike hope and confidence into the gardener’s heart. These will surely grow into strong plants and produce loads of lovely courgettes.

They reminded me of ‘Greenclaws’, a TV programme I used to watch years and years ago. A big green Michelin man style monster and his friend planted big, colourful seeds in pots and put them in a big tree to grow.  Then they would have to answer questions from the owl who lived in the tree before they could take the plant out again.  I’ve tracked down part of an episode, so you can see what I mean.

As with all these things, it’s not quite as exciting as I remember it, but it’s a great kids TV programme. They should give it the Basil Brush treatment and bring it back.

I doubt my seeds are going to grow into soup plants, but I think they’re going to do well. I’ll post an update once the seedlings have emerged.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

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  1. have you seen citrus lemon apples? they’re cucumbers that look like a cross between a lemon and an apple – not courgettes i know but the seeds reminded me of them. i think they grow quite tall and produce quite a lot of fruit but don’t take up much width/space.

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