Garden update

Despite the ongoing saga of the wormery woes, I have two success stories on the garden front, and one more of failure, just to keep my feet on the ground.

The potatoes are now pretty much chitted up, if that’s the appropriate phrase. I read today that Good Friday is the day for planting them, so I’m going to be a traditionalist and leave them until then. Not least because I need to plant them in grow bags, and I haven’t got any yet.The tomato seedlings are doing well, a few of them have just started to produce a third leaf. I guess they will need planting in individual pots soon, and hardening off in the little plastic greenhouse I now have outside.

But what happened to the onions (not shown stage left)?

I was watering them with a spray can, because they were looking a bit weedy. Unfortunately they then all died off in spectacular style. This is rather upsetting.

It’s not as if I actually need to grow onions, more my feelings of bad motherhood that I let them perish. I’m wondering what exactly I did wrong, and if it’s worth starting again?

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

9 thoughts on “Garden update”

  1. on the potato front my irish midwife asked whether we were going to be waiting until st ptricks day to plant our spuds as that was the traditional time to do it – Tom’s hanging out for that at the mo.

    we planted our onions direct BUT we grew them from ‘sets’ not ‘seeds’ so they’re already started. i thought that was the most usual way of doing it??

    i think Boo might be beating you on the tomato plant front – but only in terms of quality, she planted about 10 (Tom thinks) and has 2 veritable trees and 1 weedy looking seedling – i think i blogged them, if not i’ll go do it now, I know Tom’s blogged our chitted potatoes

  2. I know – I don’t understand why my tomato plants are growing soooo slowly! Perhaps I need to re-pot them.

    Think perhaps I was pushing it trying to grow onions from seed! Oh well…

  3. Your potatoes look very impressive – out of interest if you try to…er…how to put it? ‘Shunt’ Wilb off the Fugly sofa, what would happen? A rachel shaped Rug? xxxx

  4. All the seedlings are a bit bendy, and they are different types of bendy, so perhaps they are just too confused to grow fast, because they are too busy BENDING

  5. Yas. I think they are actually officially ‘leggy’ which is a bad thing. Not sure what I can do about it now though. Rats!

  6. I planted my onions from seed this year but I put them straight in the ground rather than starting them on the window ledge. I think they would be a bit of a faff to grow from pots.

    Three leaved tomatoes beat mine although mine haven’t started staggering around the seed tray yet. Yours look as though they have been left unattended for too long near your drinks shelf. They’ve nearly drained that Tequila bottle.

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