It has taken me a little while to get round to writing this, but here is a little post about our recent trip to Brussels for Him Indoors‘ birthday. We chose Brussels because they have toast and chips shops, which is pretty exciting.

It is a very friendly city – everyone was kind to us with regard to our dodgy attempts at French. They all seem to speak at least 3 languages anyway so I guess they’re used to it.

The main tourist attraction appears to be this little statue, which you would probably walk straight past were it not for the crowds of tourists queuing up for photographs.

And then the other way you can tell he is Brussels’ biggest tourist attraction is by looking at the names of the surrounding bars, chocolate shops and patisseries.

The Belgians also seem to have a road safety campaign running at the moment, this advert is on loads of billboards all around the city, I thought it was cute.

No idea what it means though, as it’s in Flemish. My Flemish is, needless to say, even worse than my French. I like the way the little family of eggs have a pair of scissors in the back of their car though. As if travelling around in a motorized egg box isn’t hazardous enough!

We went on a trip to the European quarter as well, to see all the shiny glass and steel, and were surprised to see some harsh restrictions in place.

Brussels is a great city to spend a week-end exploring. Not quite as cute as Bruges of course, having the very important work of being a capital city to be getting on with, but you can still spend many happy hours trawling though hundreds of different types of beer. Plus the food was excellent everywhere we went. A particular favourite was La Roue D’Or restaurant, near the central Grand Place, which is definitely worth a visit.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

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  1. Hi Rach,

    I’ve been pondering whether to go to Brussels with NAH. You’ve persuaded me it’ll be worthwhile – chips, toast, beer (and the chocolate you didn’t mention!) – what could be better?

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