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In a very exciting development, the citybumpkin house now has metered water.   This is hopefully going to save money and water as well. I find the little whizzing dials oddly fascinating, and have developed a new obsessional interest in how many litres of water are taken up by:

  1. Flushing the loo (6.4 litres – we have one of those save-a-flush bags in the cistern, it would be more.)
  2. Running a bath (100 litres)
  3. Having a shower (50, or 100 litres if you’re me and spend 15 minutes waking up in one.)
  4. Using the washing machine (34 litres – on a 30°C cycle)
  5. Using the dishwasher (70 litres – on a death-boil wash cycle)
  6. Filling a washing up bowl (8 litres)
  7. Washing Wilb‘s head under the tap for being naughty (3 litres)

Well, maybe not number 7, but other than that it’s quite scary how much we use every day.  I will attempt to cut our usage down somewhat, and see whether we actually save any money.

Thames Water were incredibly efficient about fitting it, which is particularly impressive considering it’s a free service, which is likely to earn them less money.  There’s more info and an application form here.

Mel at Beansprouts has recently been given an energy saving meter, which is perhaps next on the list!

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

One thought on “New toy”

  1. our birth pool is 450 litres…. luckily we’re not planning to fill it too often!!

    as none of the kids ever showers or baths (or even washes i think??) we don’t use too much considering how many of us there are in the house!

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