Oh, the irony!

Rach just printed out seventy pages of eco-magazine.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

6 thoughts on “Oh, the irony!”

  1. which one? share please!

    sometimes it’s so much easier to read on paper when you get a break rather than having to read online

    i need to find a really good one i like to read, i read ‘the green parent’ but it’s quite general and then ‘juno’ is all about being an ethical parent so although with both there is some gardening and sustainability its all about parenting as greenly as possible

  2. i suppose i should have told rach off for not being very green….. i meant to, the thought was there!

    Rach that’s not very green!!

    did she print double sided, page layout? in which case of course she would’ve reduced the number of sheets of paper used….

  3. Chuckle….funny how some people need to print everything they read, including email. On the other hand, if they’re vegetable based inks they make good compost….

  4. It’s called Permaculture magazine and you can download one of their issues on a trial basis for free. It’s great! I’ll bring you my copy when we see you on Saturday and you can have a read.

    I admit is wasn’t very green though. I started printing it without realising quite how long it is! I promise to recycle / vermicompost every square inch of it.

    Also I think good will come out of me reading it, which surely offsets some of the toner wastage?

    Sorry. I will try to be better in future.

  5. awwwww, I thought it was comical, but not criminal! Hopefully the Econasties don’t berate you too much. I’m having a tantrum about econasties this week, because they only pick on minutiae and don’t go after the real polluters and non-greenies of this world.

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