FrankAsli versus the Cat Mate C50

As Wilb has now officially taken over as Alpha Female in our household, I feel it’s important to provide for her needs in some capacity when we go on holiday. Unfortunately, we don’t know anyone locally well enough to ask them to pop in and chuck science biscuits at her twice a day. The solution to this so far, has been to pay a ‘cat-sitter’ to visit. FrankAsli (names have been changed to protect the innocent) is a lovely lady who lives locally and will feed Wilb, empty her litter tray, play scrabble with her, make sure she has a selection of items of interest from Radio 4 available via ‘listen again’ etc…

Unfortunately this comes at a cost. I can’t really justify £10 per day for this service. So this week, we guiltily purchased a Cat Mate C50. This is a robot, which does the same job except for the scrabble and the selection of radio items (although I’m confident they’re working on this). I am now in the grip of a fearsome dilemma.

Him Indoors and I will shortly be off for a long week-end to Brussels. I’m tempted to leave the Cat Mate C50 fully loaded with ice packs and 5 or so meals for Wilb, and then to get FrankAsli to visit on the Sunday, just to make sure the little machine has done it’s magic, and that Wilb is not ripping up the furniture in an act of revenge (although she’ll probably do this anyway – because we abandoned her for a few days).

But wouldn’t FrankAsli be shocked and appalled to think that we’d done her out of £20 by leaving this monster in charge of our beloved Wilbie? Wouldn’t she be struck by a sense of her own impending downfall at the hands of this heap of plastic junk? I’m slightly concerned that she might actually implode (or similar) if she comes across the offending item. But the alternative is to book her for the whole week-end, which ends up being fairly pricey – the CM C50 is not clever enough to cater for 4 days away from home, yet. What to do?

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, based in London, UK

9 thoughts on “FrankAsli versus the Cat Mate C50”

  1. Well you need to start by taking a pic of the robot for us blog followers…..

    sounds v interesting.

    I say kick out the old lady and program the robot to hurl abuse at her as she walks past in the street!! tee hee.

  2. I’d be worried she’d trash the cmc50 when it was her turn to feed Wilb!
    you could always move near us and we’d feed Wilb for you, not sure whether this would be any cheaper than paying FrankAsli in the short term though – moving costs might make it cheaper to pay her this time and then move down at your leisure!!

  3. It’s on my list of things to do though! If you see any houses nearby, let me know! Well worth the expense I think – especially if we get a beautiful garden like you have out of it.

  4. Thank you! I think your robot may have given me the ammunition I need to convince Him Indoors, (my version….obviously) that we could have a cat and still go away for a couple of days without it turning into a military operation…I will keep you posted but shall remain forever grateful that you have added to my arsenal of excuses, explanations and pleas!

  5. Good grief! That’s a pet in itself I think. Great, well that’s FrankAsli made thoroughly redundant.

    Gemma – get a cat! It will give you a lot of joy and happiness and if your Him Indoors is anything like mine, he might be rolling his eyes at the idea at the moment, but he will end up besotted!

    They’re not that much trouble, you don’t need to worry about leaving them over a week-end so long as they’re fed and have access to the outside for toileting. If your cat turns out to be litter tray dependent you may have more difficulty, but that’s something to establish before you get it. Good luck!

  6. That is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. It’s like you’re IN Back to the Future! Did it work? Does it fry you eggs for your brekkie too? It should…

  7. I have finally convinced (my) Him Indoors that a cat is the way to go, hooray! All i have to do now is locate a house cat (we have no garden sadly) who needs a good home.

    Thanks for your help, maybe i can start convincing him we should keep chickens…….

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