Guest wormery – Can O’ Worms

This is my Mum’s ‘Can O Worms’ wormery. I went to visit it (and her of course) last week-end, and felt it my duty to investigate, as my own wormery is quickly turning into a bit of a swamp.

It does seem like a better design. It comes with stackable tiers, so that older compost is separated from the kitchen waste you’ve just added to it. Consequently it has a chance to be properly ‘processed’ by the little worms without being overrun with liquid, which somehow seems greatly reduced in comparison to mine. Here is the can o worms minus the top tray:

Definitely looking more compost like! I am wondering whether this might be a better option for us too. Mum does cosset her worms more than I ever did though. She even has a bag of worm treats stashed away for them!

Anyway, until I have a spare £60 for a replacement home for my little wiggly friends, I will carry on draining the worm juice, just so they don’t drown, which may improve their condition somewhat.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

6 thoughts on “Guest wormery – Can O’ Worms”

  1. Your mum’s wormery looks very healthy.

    Hi Barbara and Rach, I note your comments about the cost and do understand. There is a sale on at Wiggly Wigglers at the moment and we have slight seconds of the Worm Factory (which is a rectangular version of the Can-o-Worms), which has the same capacity as the C-o-W. They are £44.50 for the complete kit (including worms), which may make it more reasonable for you.

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