New year gardening

I ventured out into the garden today, just to see how it was getting on in the cold. Did a bit of tidying, drained the worms of another ocean of worm juice, and investigated the seeds I already have to see if any of them are plantable yet.

Well, I have some rosemary and some petunia seeds, so they got bunged into pots today. I have found a nice easy way to make seedling pots out of newspaper, so hopefully they will not collapse and my plants will grow ok in these.

First you fold up a double page spread of newspaper…

Then roll the folded sheet around a glass, allowing about half the width of the newspaper to overlap the mouth. Now right the glass and tuck the paper inside the mouth. Remove the paper pot and use the base of the glass to flatten the bottom of the pot.

Repeat until you have enough pots, put them all together in a container so that they support each other, fill with compost, and voila!

We shall see how they get on. The seeds are 2 if not 3 years old, so I’m not holding my breath.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, based in London, UK

7 thoughts on “New year gardening”

  1. Cute pots! Smother them in PVA and you’ve got yourself a cottage industry. I’m going to try carrots on the fire escape this Spring, apparently they quite like pots (…none of that was a euphemism). I did have herbs but the Summer sun fried them :(

    Hope you had a good Christmas by the way, rubbish you had to work New Years. But then again you must’ve been still human on the 1st, unlike me.


  2. What is the plant you have as the first pic? Is that a petunia? in which case what purpose does it have in life???!!!

    2 or 3 year old seeds are likely dead – wilkos has most seed packets for 50p – get down there you cheapskate.!!!!!

  3. First pic is a rose hip, just for decorational purposes, and to prove there is stuff alive in my garden.

    You make a good point about the seeds. It’s not cheap-skatery though it’s laziness! It’s raining outside. Tell you what, when they fail to do anything I’ll get some more. In fact, I’m going to get some tomato and courgette seeds as well anyway.

  4. hi rach.
    good to see someones planting something… i just keeping thinking about it and not doing anything about it.

    tom might be wrong, i was reading somewhere that other than a few delicate beasties many seeds are fine for years and years. parsnips are a definite woosy seed but i can’t remember any of the others.

    we’ve had a sort of offer of a rotavator so we might be planting lots and lots very soon – although i think by that i mean tom might be!

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