Tooting Life – Mcdonalds…

…have bothered to show their commitment to the local area, and/or remind their patrons where the hell they are, since they would have to be in a state of questionable sanity to be in there in the first place when there’s Scary baby kebabs down the road, by etching their location into the mirrors. Sweet.

Apologies for the dodgy picture quality, I was clearly in a state of questionable sanity to have been in there taking it in the first place.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, based in London, UK

One thought on “Tooting Life – Mcdonalds…”

  1. oh the joyful times I have spent in the peeing rain oposite the ‘Golden Arches’ late evening waiting for a bus whilst the local provide free entertainment – by either riding their push bikes into McD whilst a bunch on teenagers (with trackies round their knees and cheap boxers Simon Cowell style) see who can throw food on the pavement or watching the bouncers expel some ladettes for being hammered in the bar-2-far.

    God I love Tooting….

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