First of all, on the subject of fakery, these pictures are not mine, they’re someone else’s.  Second of all, I didn’t know about this until I read about it in Gill’s brain.  So apologies to all concerned, but I think this is worth pointing out again.

This is a photograph of numbers 23-24 Leinster Gardens, W2.  Quite close to Paddington station.

See the blacked out windows?  That’s because these two houses don’t really exist.  They were demolished in 1868, so that a line of rail track between Paddington and Bayswater could be installed.

Rather than leave a big ugly hole where the two houses had been, it was decided that a 5ft thick facade should be built in the gap.

Go around the back of the street and you can see more clearly what’s been done.

Incredible really that they bothered.  I’m glad they did though, because it has given generations of pranksters an address to send pizzas, junk mail and various religious missionaries to over the years.

It also means that next time I’m waiting for someone in Paddington station I’ll have a useful diversion to go on to fill the time.

Someone even sold 10 guinea tickets to a charity ball at the address in the 30s, and it took the guests a while to work out that the door was never going to open.  This is yet another reason why I love this city.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, based in London, UK

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