Tooting Life – Scary Baby Kebabs

Tooting’s premier kebab emporium, known to me and Him Indoors as ‘Scary Baby Kebabs’ or SBK for short, because of the seemingly random and certainly scary baby staring out of the shop front.

I presume it doesn’t mean the kebabs are made of babies. Weirdly on a recent trip to Ikea I saw this picture on one of their signs which could actually be a baby kebab.

Now that is scary.


Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

8 thoughts on “Tooting Life – Scary Baby Kebabs”

  1. I, too, have often wondered… Plus they bothered to cut round the thing so it exactly fits the counter without being seen from within.

    Why? Is this good food for a growing baby? That baby is certainly growing well. It’s huge.

  2. we call it simply ‘the baby’ ie. “i’m just going to nip down to the baby and get some cod” or “is the baby still open” usual answer “yes it is”

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