Victoria sponge

Drumroll please… it’s another Him Indoors masterpiece! I think I’m going to officially relegate myself to ‘sous chef and photographer/food stylist’ because I can’t bake for toffee. Mmmm toffee. Anyway, here’s the recipe.

Victoria sponge

The cake:

200g / 8oz caster sugar
200g / 8oz butter
200g / 8oz self-raising flour
4 eggs, beaten
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp milk

The filling:

100g / 4oz butter
140g / 5oz sifted icing sugar
340g jar good quality strawberry / other jam
optional drop of vanilla extract
icing sugar to decorate

Heat oven to 190°C / 370°F / Gas 5. Butter two 20cm sandwich tins and line with greaseproof paper. Beat all the cake ingredients together in a large bowl until you have a smooth batter. Divide the mixture between the tins and bake for 20 mins or until nice and golden and springy. Turn out onto a rack and leave to cool.

For the filling, beat the butter until smooth, then gradually beat in the icing sugar (and vanilla extract, if you’re using it). Once the cakes have cooled, spread the icing over one of the sponges, top it with jam and carefully put the other cake on top. Dust with a little icing sugar and you are instantly domestic goddess Numero Uno.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

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