Him Indoors and I are engaged!  We bought the ring in the souq in Marrakech from a man calling himself Mustafa Couscous.

Here’s the full story:

When we got to Marrakech on the Monday, Him Indoors told me that we were going on a special trip on the Wednesday involving an alarm call of 5.30am.

By the time the alarm went off I had managed to wheedle out of him that we were going on a hot air balloon ride.  After a lovely breakfast provided by the riad we set off into the desert.

We then got to watch the chaps from Ciel d’Afrique set everything up.  Here’s one of them unravelling the balloon.


Before long we were being whisked up to 3,000 feet, at which point a cunningly concealed bottle of champagne emerged.  By this point I was getting over a slight feeling of vertigo.

Him Indoors then took the opportunity to pop the question, which was completely out of the blue and we then spent the rest of the ride in a happy state of newly engaged rose-tinted glassesness.  Aw.  The view was pretty awesome too.


It was a very beautiful morning all told, leaving us a very happy Mr. & Mrs. W.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

3 thoughts on “Bling”

  1. Yay for you two (again). (as in me saying yay again). I take it from it being on your blog that your mum knows now rach?!!

    Nice ring, nice story about the man’s name in the market.

    You should have posted about how Tom did it though? Was he nervous, did you suspect, was he hammered?? etc etc

    xx nig

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