Life on two wheels

It’s a major mission of mine to start commuting to work by bike on a regular basis. I reckon I must have a better chance at keeping this up than my various aborted attempts to attend a gym over the years, as there’s an actual point to it. Plus I might save myself a bus fare or two in the process.

So far, I have an excellent method of getting myself on the bike, which is to keep buying ridiculous bits of kit for it. Up to now, I have invested in cycling gloves with the finger tips cut off, a right hand wing mirror and now I’m after some kind of on board computer to keep track of times and distances etc.

Obviously this is not going to work forever, unless I’m going to end up looking like some kind of nutter with streamers and a small flag on a wire sticking out the back of my helmet. Plus spending a tenner on new stupid bits of plastic every time I ride anywhere does defeat the object of saving myself three quid’s worth of oyster money really.

Happily I’ve found a nice route to take which should help. It includes the Thames towpath, which is a lovely, tree lined avenue running along the Southbank from Putney. I haven’t actually tried it yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to get all the way up to Hammersmith bridge on it, which will be great if it works.

Anyway, fingers crossed I’ll be spending less time on the Northern line in future. Watch this space for extremely tedious ‘I beat my personal best time’ stories over the next few weeks! Hopefully.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, based in London, UK

2 thoughts on “Life on two wheels”

  1. How funny, we’ve just started biking too, and Pete cycled to work for the first time today. Poor love was exhausted. Meanwhile I am pottering to the childminder and back, and Bernard sings and tickles me as we ride along.

    I think I might need some of those gloves.

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