Richmond Park Escapade

Today was going nicely to plan. Spot of breakfast, quick potter around the house, tease Wilb for a bit etc… Then a mischeivous little voice pointed out to me that I should really do something useful with my day off. Next thing I know, I’m cycling in the direction of Richmond Park, and the day started to get interesting.

To cut a long story short, I got thoroughly lost, nearly sank in some sand, got overtaken by a party of toddlers… twice, and came home again. Brilliant.

That’s the nutshell version, this is the longwinded (and illustrated) version. First of all, it took me 40 minutes – but I eventually clapped eyes on the great Roehampton Gate. And there was definitely some greenness beyond it.

You can’t actually just cycle all over Richmond Park, you have to stick to the paths. So I locked the bike up for a bit to have a little sit down next to Adam’s pond near the East Sheen gate, for a bit of a rest and a chat with the resident Canada Geese.

Then a quick spin south through the park, where I spotted some of the famous Richmond Park deer.

And then home again, via Wimbledon common, which was a big mistake. They insist on pouring a couple of tons of sand onto all the paths, which is great if you’re a horse (or at least on one), but less great if you’re a poor exhausted cyclist, who then has to shamefully dismount the bike in order to trudge though the sandpit, only to be overtaken by the aforementioned toddlers. Very embarrassing.

But it was all great in the end, the pain has gone now, and I feel like I didn’t waste the day for once. Plus got some nice photos of deer and geese, which is always nice. The complete map of my crazy route is here, if you’re interested. I wouldn’t recommend following it though. Not least because according to Google maps it is a 15 mile round trip! I wouldn’t have even started had I known.

It’s one step forward in my mission to eventually commute to work by bike anyway. More progress on that to follow.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

2 thoughts on “Richmond Park Escapade”

  1. Cool route rach. I knew someone who lived in roehampton once and I fancied one of her friends so that’s exciting you went round there. I got drunk in the uni halls that are there and staggered around the streets.


  2. Commuting to work by bike is my goal too. I got a bike last weekend, and I’ve been working on getting my fitness back so that I can manage the 4.6 mile journey that I will need to make twice a day.

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