Putting Tooting on the map

Flickr have gone and done another clever thing which is no doubt going to waste even more of my time. Photos can now be geo-tagged to the place they were taken. I have discovered a great deal of interesting things about the neighbours I have never met through this map. Amongst my neighbours I have discovered that one likes taking pictures of masonry, one has a problem with mice, and that you can be transported to your final resting place by sidecar, if you choose. Which is pretty cool.

And if all that wasn’t weird enough, that last photo was apparently taken at Lambeth Crematorium’s ‘Open Day’. I presume this means that for one day only you can pick a grave of your choice and demand an instant exhumation so that you can have a proper look at the facilities?!

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, based in London, UK

One thought on “Putting Tooting on the map”

  1. Would you please give Wilb the message that her ‘Cloud’ is very impressive, I also like the curling of the paws which seems to suggest the whispy nature of many clouds in our skies today. I think I will always be a big fan of her Marshmallow days but after all, we all must move on

    Lots of love


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