Enemies of Reason

I’ve just discovered two startling things. The first is that Google has video (I know, I’m way behind). The second is that one quarter of the UK population believes in astrology. So more than the collective number of people who believe in a God of one type or another. Bizarre.

This second discovery is revealed in episode 1 of Richard Dawkins’ new series ‘Enemies of Reason’, which would have past me by if it were not for Adam. The programme is available to watch, here. It’s nicely produced and quite entertaining, especially as it features a load of dowsers attempting to find bottles of water with bent coat hangers. And then looking distraught when it turns out they’ve been wasting their lives. Richard Dawkins is a little smug for my liking, but then he would be, he’s a Sagittarius.

And read the ever brilliant Charlie Brooker’s analysis here

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

2 thoughts on “Enemies of Reason”

  1. You are not smug Chris! I very much doubt the horoscope writers specify Saggitarians as smug anyway. They tend to focus on positive things… boringly.

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