Veg Patch

The seed potatoes I ordered back in July have arrived! This afternoon I took advantage of a clearing in the very changeable weather to bung ’em in the ground. We now have a little vegetable patch – very exciting. Here’s the patch cleared of weeds, bricks, bits of glass, syringes etc…

They’re all called Charlotte apparently. It turns out that they’re Scottish potatoes, so I probably should have left the bits of glass and syringes in, it might have made them feel more at home. I was amazed to find that they even have a passport. It says on the label, EC Plant Passport RP ZP-a6 ZP-d1. Who’d have thought it. Here they are, contemplating The Big Dive.

And finally, having taken the plunge.

The instructions are a little worrying. They tell me to build up the earth around the plants once they’ve come through, to protect the potatoes from going green through exposure to light. This is fine. Then it suggests wrapping them up in jumpers on chilly days, or at least putting straw around the shoots, to protect them from the cold. Charlotte is turning out to be rather high maintenance.

Watch this space, little potato plants to come!

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK

2 thoughts on “Veg Patch”

  1. Wow rachey-green!

    nicely presented and congrats on starting the journey of a greenish grower blog type gardener person.

    Earthing up would agree with – and be wary of using the terminology wrong cos I said ‘earthing up’ when I meant ‘digging up’ to my lady who gave the go ahead over the phone only to beat me up later for having brought them up too early…. ah well.

    Straw/fleece etc I have heard of, but not used myself yet. So other than nodding with sentiment cannot offer experience.

    Couple of questions:
    – Potatoes on their own are a bit boring, but you seem to have taken up all space with them? You not going to grow anything else?
    – I think you are supposed to ‘chit’ seed potatoes first to get them to sprout before you plant them? Or did the instructions you got seem ok?
    – How deep is the garden bit you have and did you loosen the soil way down somehow?

    Looking 4ward to seeing shoots in about a month from them! keep them well watered (not hard this summer!)


  2. Thanks for the advice Nigey!

    Yes I have used up far too much space already, which is just because most of me garden is already planted up. I have ordered some raspberries to go along the side of the veg patch – which probably won’t work terribly well – but we’ll see… hopefully they’ll have space to grow.

    Also they didn’t need chitting cos I ordered ’em already chitted! If that’s a word.

    Don’t think I loosened the soil too much, hope the taters are comfy enough… now just have to sit back and watch them get rained on. Woo!

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