I wandered around London a bit yesterday. There’s some crazy graffiti around the place.

None of your spray paint rubbish. This guy’s a french artist who calls himself Space Invader. He’s put nearly a hundred of these up around London, and there’s more of them all over the world. They’re cemented onto the walls but I can’t see anyone minding, as they’re kind of art I guess. This one’s my favourite so far because it has mirrored tiles in it. It’s just outside Foyles bookshop near Tottenham Court Road.

I like it, it’s cute. I like wandering about and seeing them every so often. It’s nice to know there are people out there doing stuff like this, just to give random strangers in the street something to look at other than mangy pigeons.

Then, as if that wasn’t odd enough, another street artist called Holbein did this on a hoarding in Berwick Street.

Now this could be a picture from inside the national gallery, where it not for the double yellow lines at the bottom of the picture, and the urban tumble weed plastic bag blowing past. I haven’t found out what this is all about yet, but there’s another one of John the baptist’s head on a silver platter outside a sex shop in Soho. That’s got to put you right off your porn.

Author: Rachel Wheeley

Comedian, podcaster, full time Mum, based in London, UK